We offer different services adapted to our clients’ needs.

Start-Up Business Support

Your small business has grown substantially in a very short time and struggles to keep pace with rising demand? JECABRA can help you structure the technical, logistical and supply chain aspects of your business.

Project Management

JECABRA benefits from Alain Ayotte’s project management experience. Seasoned project manager, Mr. Ayotte is co-inventor of the BIXI bike share system which was awarded Elixir Project of Year in 2010.

Product Development

Alain Ayotte, founder of JECABRA, is co-inventor of the BIXI bike share system, ranked 19th best invention of the years by Times magazine in 2008, right after N.A.S.A’s Mars Rover. JECABRA can assist you in the development and optimization of your products.

Operations and Technical Teams

One of JECABRA’s strength is developing efficient operation processes that will optimize your technical team’s productivity.

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